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Phoenix Investigation and Security Consult (PISC) is a private Security Company registered under the laws of Ghana to offer private investigation and security consultancy to the general public. It was established by a group of experienced professionals including retired officers from the security agencies endowed with vast local and foreign experience in security matters. It is governed by a Board of directors made up of skillful professionals with diverse background. They shoulder the corporate responsibility for objectives, policy and overall improvement of the company’s operations. Both Board and Management recognize the client as the focal point in our service delivery and therefore the needs of clients who engage our service are paramount.

We also hold the view that customer satisfaction can only be assured when there is synergy between management responsibility, the personnel, material resources and the quality of service we render; hence our self imposed discipline regarding recruitment, training, monitoring and supervision; all of which go to ensure that our security personnel are suitable, capable and well equipped to deal efficiently and effectively with any security challenge that might crop up in the course of their assignments. Our male and female officers are trained to be discreet, adaptable, alert and effective. They are physically fit and well schooled in the art of using deterrent techniques, first aid, defensive driving and search methods.

In summary, the objective of the company is to ensure customer satisfaction, consistent with accepted professional standards and continues review of services and achievement so as to identify opportunities for service quality improvement.

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