Electronic Security

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PISC provides expert electronic security service to their clients. Our experts offer training, positioning, survey and installation services for the clients.

The electronic services offered by PISC include Panic/Intrusion Alarm System, Vehicle/ Asset Tracking System, CCTV Surveillance System and Access Control.

  1. Panic/Intrusion Alarm System
    When installed on your premises is linked to our 24/7 Security Operations Center and monitored through the system to respond rapidly to emergency alerts.
  2. Vehicle/Asset Tracking System
    Do YOU Know Where all your assets are, right now? Our system is designed for you to monitor your assets in real time whiles sitting in the comfort of your office. The Asset tracking system helps in the prevention theft, over speeding and security of the asset. Vehicle tracking gives Dispatchers, Owners, Fleet Managers, and Maintenance Personnel the ability to manage the company's fleet more effectively they can either shut down the engine of the car or active the alarm.
  3. CCTV Surveillance System
    We design and install CCTV security systems from simple video surveillance systems for shops, businesses and homes. Monitor your home or office from any part of the world.
  4. Access Control
    Electronically control and monitor movement into and out of your premises. Biometric Time Attendance system ensures your employees conform to your company’s time management policies. Access control helps in the reducing absenteeism and lateness at work.

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