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Panic/Intrusion Alarm System
We install Panic buttons on your premises and link to our 24/7 Security Operations Center with the state of the art monitoring systems to respond to emergency alerts.

Vehicle/Asset Tracking System
Do YOU Know Where all your Assets are, Right now? Our system has been designed to combat theft and create totally secure environments for your assets. It does this by constantly monitoring the location of assets within your premises 24 hours a day. Vehicle tracking gives Dispatchers, Owners, Fleet Managers, and Maintenance Personnel the ability to manage the company's fleet more effectively.

CCTV Surveillance System
We design and install CCTV security systems from simple video surveillance systems for shops, businesses and homes. Monitor your home or office from any part of the world on your PC or mobile phone.

Access Control
Electronically control and monitor movement into and out of your premises. Biometric Time Attendance system ensures your employees conform to your company’s time management policies.

Security Control Room (SCR)
The SCR is in charge of coordinating real-time security activity across network of offices and shops. Primarily engages in 24-hour CCTV and Panic Alarm monitoring of all office and shop premises nationwide. The SCR is the central nervous system of PISC Security Control and coordinates physical security activity between network of offices, police, security guards, sector security coordinators and head office. SCR also performs checks on guards across all premises on the network, day and night.

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