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PISC is totally a customer driven security training provider, delivering a unique premier service. It is an undeniable fact that guard duties are the same all over the world but environmental condition differ. Therefore, we design a training package that will suit the specific needs of the client for approval and implementation.

In some cases some of our clients engage us on contract to conduct a security survey of their premises or areas of Operation in addition to the training package. At the end of security survey, we submit a comprehensive report on findings and recommendations that will enhance the security profile of the client. We stand ready to act as consultants to provide positive vetting of employees and implement any necessary security related improvements to upgrade the security status of the client.

Our company also provides Recruitment Agency Service. We can either recruit and train security staff to specification for our clients or provide trained security guards for placement on request.

In summary, PISC can provide a one stop shop service for our clients as follows: Conduct Security Survey, Recruit Guards, Conduct positive Vetting on Selected Guards and train them specification. We also provide Security Accessories and Kit.

We offer the following subjects in our training package:

  1. Introduction to Security
  2. Access Control
  3. Collection and Reporting Information
  4. Physical Security
  5. Patrolling Duties
  6. Crime Prevention/Dealing with Offences
  7. The Law and Security Officer
  8. Search Techniques and Procedures
  9. Perimeter Protection
  10. Fire Prevention/Fighting Drills
  11. First Aid at the Work Place
  12. Rules of Evidence
  13. Crime Scene Processing and Protection
  14. Health and Safety at Work
  15. Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering
  16. Major Disaster – Securing the Site
  17. Handling Bomb Threats/Natural Disasters
  18. Port and Vessel Security
  19. Air Cargo Security
  20. Bomb Hoax
  21. Drill
  22. Physical Training
  23. Unarmed Combat

The classroom work is followed by on the job training to ensure that the guards are made aware of the requirements peculiar to the location to which they are being posted. Secondly, our training programs can be designed to suit the needs of clients who have their own security details to promote their efficiency. Our officers attend workshops/seminars to update their knowledge and skills and undergo refresher courses to raise their level of professionalism.

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